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Massage Testimonials


Having been involved in the swinging community and various aspects of the adult entertainment world some years back, I have done a lot of emotional healing over the years. Yet something kept niggling me… I felt like there was a block on the physical level and I set about to find the right practitioner. 

I found Hans’ website 3 months ago, and finally had my first sensual massage. 


For a moment as I lay face down on the bed, I wondered what on earth I was thinking visiting a strange man and getting naked on the massage table without a second thought. That disappeared as Hans started the massage and I entered a deeply relaxed state under those magic hands of his. 

The massage itself is the perfect blend of professional massage with teasing sensuality of what’s coming next. When I turned over and he started the yoni massage I orgasmed fairly quickly and thought that would be it. Hans gently massaged me again, sensually, deliciously, and my second orgasm ripped through me… I didn’t think I could do that!


Orgasms are great, but for me, the real benefit of this experience has been psychological. I have seen how my entire sexual history has been based on performance, and I refuse to perform ever again.

This is only my first session, and I am so looking forward to more insights and realisations as I continue this journey.



As I enter my 40s, I felt a desire to explore my sensual and sexual self, and I wanted a safe, calm, and expert environment to do so. I was both anxious and thrilled at the opportunity. Hans was excellent at introducing himself and explaining his area of expertise, which helped me feel more relaxed and at ease. The experience was respectful, sensual, and tailored precisely to my body's requirements. I would highly recommend Hans to anyone seeking to explore themselves more deeply. His space is safe and clean, and he is truly a professional. Needless to say, I will be back to learn more.


A highly professional and aesthetic environment, pleasing to the mind and soul. Environmental hygiene of the highest standards. Massage was heavenly.


I would like to say thank you for the experience and calm welcoming. I would really recommend anyone to make use of the service as it helps alot to connect with your inner self,understand your body and appreciate it. I will definitely book another session. If you want to spoil yourself this must be on your do to list.


I recently had the opportunity to experience a sensual massage session with Hans, who specializes in the art of relaxation and connection. Before my visit, I was a bit hesitant about embarking on this journey. However, my reservations were quickly put to rest by Hans' soothing and calm demeanor.
From the moment I stepped into his studio, Hans exuded a genuine warmth that instantly set me at ease. His attentiveness to understanding my concerns and preferences reassured me that I was in capable hands.

What truly stood out during the session was the way Hans skillfully blended the sensual aspects of the massage with a profound understanding of therapeutic techniques. His intuitive touch seemed to erase any lingering apprehensions I had, allowing me to fully embrace the experience. The massage itself was an exquisite symphony of sensations, expertly choreographed to create an atmosphere of complete relaxation and profound connection.

Hans' skill, empathy, and dedication to his craft left me feeling not only physically rejuvenated but also emotionally and mentally balanced. It's rare to find someone who can seamlessly combine sensuality and professionalism, and Hans has mastered that delicate balance flawlessly. His discreet and professional manner , coupled with his unmatched expertise, guarantees a journey of relaxation, connection, and self-discovery like no other.



Being a mom of 2 kiddies under 5 you can imagine that you do not have very much time doing something that is just for you or being alone. When I celebrated my birthday my husband suggested that I do something that was on my bucket list and just for me. After doing extensive research I manage to find Hans. What an amazing person! As you can imagine thinking about something and actually doing it are two different things. However from the very first communication from Hans until I finally met him, he was absolutely professional YET very warm and caring. I could sense immediately that this is a person who loves what he is doing and making sure that his clients are comfortable is his first priority.


When I arrived Hans greeted me as an old friend and we first chatted. The conversation flowed and it was so easy to discuss things with him which you would otherwise not feel comfortable to discuss. He ensured that I was fully comfortable before the session. I opted for the full body sensual 90 min session. By now I had butterflies in my tummy but was really getting very excited. Not knowing what to expect and then having gentle hand with warm soothing oil massaging every little pit of tenseness and pain away was exquisite.


Under Hans's gentle yet firm strokes I slowly but surely let go and lost myself in the experience. He made me feel lighter than I have felt in a long time as well as more confident in who I am. I felt like a women again and not just a mommy. Making time for myself and enjoying it is an absolute no brainer. Having someone who understands that and help you to become more confident is a total different ask and that is what Hans did for me.


After the session, I felt so warm and special and Hans walked me to my car. The follow up note the next day was really very special and again showed me that Hans really cares about his clients. I am so glad that I have found Hans and opted for one of his monthly packages.



I had the most wonderful experience in my session with Hans.  Very nervous I arrived, but Hans could relax me easily with his calm and balanced energy.  As a man I never had another man massaging me, but this was a mind-blowing experience, not one woman could give me a penis massage (as he calls it Lingam massage), as Hans does.  I will be back soon for another massage and definitely looking forward to have a workshop with him, to learn more about myself and my own body.


This was the most beautiful experience. Not only did I feel safe but most importantly I felt comfortable and welcomed and free to express myself. I left with smiles for days and more confident in myself. Thank you I can't wait to return.


Having intimacy issues and trust issues since I was young I never thought someone that I didn't even know could make me feel the way Hans did. Simultaneously relaxing, sensual and such a deep caring touch, more so than any other man I have been with before. 


When I found Hans I was very curious about the sensual massages and after reading through all of the great reviews from other women it definitely help put my mind at ease and I decided to give it a try.


The first time I went I was quite nervous, curious and excited at the same time. Hans immediately made me feel at home and his studio has a lovely private relaxing atmosphere.


After my first massage I felt so much lighter. I felt good about myself and I couldn't wait to go back again! I booked my next session 3 days later.


If I could I would probably be there everyday just because of how great you feel during and after the massage. It feels like each time I go I am able to heal a little piece of my intimacy issues and also allow myself to explore my sexuality without feeling guilty about it. Definitely an eye opening experience and I would absolutely recommend it to everyone out there to give it a try at least once, you won't regret it.


I am a bigger woman, which had not much body confidence.  Also in my daily life this affected me very often.  8 months ago I found Hans his number online, last week I decided to just jump and book appointment with him.
The whatsapp chat about the booking was very professional and well explained how the session would happen.
On arrival I was super nervous, though also very excited.
The treatment room is so well appointed and the private shower facilities are a bonus.
The experience was just amazing, but in fact how I felt after a few days was absolutely unexpected.  I felt again as a woman, more confident and empowered again.
BTW: I booked each second week a session for the next coming months, this man is doing more then a massage...I call it healing therapy massage!


Liggaamsmassering is 'n ou tegniek wat as 'n geestelike ontwaking beskou word.  Hierdie geestelike verligting gebruik die kuns van seksuele energie om ontdekking en voeding vir alle dele van die liggaam te bevorder.

DIT is wat ek gegoogle het….want om ń eerste keer so iets “uitdagend”  te belewe moet jy weet wat om te verwag. 

Hans het alle verwagtinge oorskry en verseker is alle boksies afgetiek.

Vir ń erotiese massering is die keuse van terapeut baie belangrik. 

Die kern van ’n goeie sensuele massering is om ’n spesiale atmosfeer te skep. Die tempo van die strelende sensoriese ontdekkingsreis is ook baie belangrik. Hy is werklik n uiters sensitiewe terapeut wat jou lyftaal goed lees

In ons liggaam verhoog sekere sogenaamde erogene gebiede seksuele plesier, veral as dit op 'n sensuele manier aangeraak word. Hierdie dele van die liggaam is ryk aan senuwee -eindpunte, en hul stimulasie help om begeerte en opwekking aan te wakker.

Dankie Hans 


Upon my visit I found the service to be highly professional, at no point did I feel uncomfortable and was treated with utmost respect. The massage  and conversation was awesome and I definitely learned a thing or two about myself… Thank you Hans!!!! 


As a couple with 3 kids, we try to make time once a month to get away, spend time together alone or do something fun together. 

We came up with the idea of a couple’s massage. We have had some spa treatments in the past… We did some research, found Hans, that had incredible reviews and opted to book a session for a couples message. 

Nervous at first, we met Hans and found him to be very gentle, professional and caring. The room was warm, comfortable and the use of warm massage oil was amazing! 

We both experienced a sensual and OUT OF THIS WORLD experience…WOW! His hands are truly magical! Towards the end it allowed me to connect with myself and my husband.

I would recommend Hans to all my female friends and couples that needs a spiritual experience to connect with oneself….this is one for the bucket list. 


We arrived in Cape Town on holiday and my husband suggested a sensual massage and he booked a session with Hans whom he had previously chatted to. I was slightly anxious as this was my first treatment however I was instantly made to feel comfortable and relaxed. Hans is very professional and reassuring. He has a warm inviting environment that makes you feel at ease. It is quite amazing how this experience makes you feel more in tune with your sexuality , your body and your mind. I definitely felt more empowered afterwards. I highly recommend Hans if you want to experience a similar result!


I was visiting Cape Town for work and became interested in the world of sensual massage. While researching the options available, I came across Hans' website. Although nervous and anxious as I have never experienced this type of treatment, I decided to schedule a sensual massage with Hans. As a woman, I was concerned, but the moment I met Hans, all my fear and anxiety went away. I felt extremely safe and respected in a welcoming and relaxing environment where one can be themselves free of judgments. Hans's massage was amazingly relaxing and invigorating. It elicited many emotions within me and brought a level of self-awareness and self-discovering I long needed. His touch was tender when it needed to be and enticingly sensual, all that with a high level of respect and professionalism. His sensitiveness to my reactions was remarkable and made my treatment very meaningful. This was a unique and revealing experience. I would recommend it to any woman at any stage of their self-discovering journey. My deep gratitude to you, Hans!


The most important part of a journey is when you know it is not the time to move forward, but instead the time to experience where you are right now, without apology. When I met Hans I stepped into a space of absolute trust, warmth and nurturing. Hans is professional, considerate and a master of his art. I found it easy to immerse myself in tenderness, relaxation and the pure joy of life. I could open my whole being to my own sensuality and became aware of my receptiveness. After the treatment I felt connected to my body, I loved my body, but above all I felt empowered.


Traveling from Johannesburg, to visit Cape Town, and was looking for a reliable male sensual massage therapist.  After reading Hans his testimonials I was already convinced that this would be a good first time experience for me...the treatment exceeded all my expectations wow.
I felt immediately welcome, safe and comfortable with Hans.  Off street parking, excellent facilities and a very peaceful treatment room.  His "magic" hands are truly of a different level.
It's not optional to visit Hans when you are in Cape Town, it's a must.


This was my first sensual massage and it was extremely pleasurable. I found Hans to be professional, warm, sensual and very relaxing. I feel absolutely fabulous and will definitely return. Thank you


Every interaction with Hans has been an investment in my health and psychological well-being. What stood out for me has been his very professional service, from making the bookings, sharing important information, understanding your needs and areas of focus , right through to the actual treatments. I have always experienced my treatments (massages and Reiki) to be a safe space where I can relax and heal. I would highly recommend Hans to anyone who wants to invest in their holistic health and well-being.


It was our first sensual couple massage ever...We were pretty nervous on arrival, but felt immediately on ease once we met Hans and the female therapist.  The facilities are great, secured parking, nice treatment room with ensuite bathroom...and nice and warm.  We enjoyed every second of our 90 minutes sensual experience.  Exactly what we both needed!


My first tantric massage, wow what a awesome experience with you!  I also love your venue, music and your warm treatment room.  See you soon again!


Testimonial written by one of my clients:

The awaking of my inner goddess

The art of sensual massage goes back centuries, is celebrated in ancient texts from across the world, and depicted with reverence in beautiful paintings and statues. 

It is the decadent celebration of our bodies in ways that unlock a power within. It enchants the mind and tantalizes the soul.

And yet, in these days of an increasing desire and need to open and explore mindset, gender equality and fluidity, diverse sexuality, and a drive for social acceptance, we seem to have lost the art of taking the time to pause and explore all the hidden nooks and crannies of ourselves and one another; of harnessing the energy within us, letting it grow and awaken our inner gods and goddesses.

This is my journey; a path taken through the art of sensual massage and personal growth to achieve a powerful transformation that we all strive for. 

A path of inner acceptance, peace and love. A euphoric transformation that you can enjoy too... Contact Hans ASAP


Recommendation (public) written by one of my female clients:

I’ve always been curious about sensual massages but was always too nervous to enquire or go ahead with one.

I then read a really positive review on a trusted Facebook group and it seemed to be totally opposite to what my perception was. Having experienced physical assault in the past, I had lost a lot of myself, both physically and spiritually, and I felt like this is something that could help me in regaining my “self” back.

I contacted Hans and explained a bit about my background and that I was nervous, and he suggested we spend some time chatting before we started, to get to know each other and ensure I felt comfortable. He immediately put me at ease with his gentle nature and conversation, and my nervousness (and nervous giggles) subsided.

The whole made me feel incredibly relaxed and happy upon leaving. Hans is incredibly caring, calm and kind and cares about his client’s comfort and feelings.

I would recommend anyone curious (or nervous) to give it a try and I’m sure they will be pleasantly surprised.


This massage treatment was on my "once off" bucket list...but OMW, I can't wait for my next appointment. Hans is such a warm and caring person that makes you feel comfortable from the first contact. Very experienced and professional. Awesome facilities and a wide variety of treatments to choose from. Many thanks for this wonderful experience.


Hans has a special touch and made me feel at home right away. The massage was amazing and made me feel alive again. Think that I am addicted now. Every woman needs to treat herself with this great massage and professional therapist. Hans see you real soon for my next session. Thank you


I had such an amazing experience with Hans. He exudes such positive energy. I will definitely be visiting him very soon! I highly recommend him.


Dear Hans.  Have to share, this morning was my last session with the chiropractor for my back.  He said there was such an improvement with my posture and that there is no need to come any longer, unless I need to.  Also he pointed out to my husband that I am no longer so tense, as I used to be at times.  Well this is totally due to coming to my sessions with you.  You are such a gifted person that brings healing and positivity. You come highly recommended. 


Recommendation (public) written by one of my female clients:

I am sharing my story for any women out there who may have had or are having similar thoughts and are not sure what to do with these thoughts. For close on 5 years now I have been super curious and have wanted to explore sensual massage, please note SENSUAL not sexual massage. My personal reasons varied from it simply being a desire for personal exploration and pleasure, a fantasy of receiving a sensual massage from a male masseuse to wanting to explore what my own body was capable of to realizing that I did have some deep seated intimacy issues I needed to work through in a totally judgement free space.......

So!!!!! 5 years of pondering (and inaction later,) this year I made my move! Through some very thorough research and speaking with people in the know I found myself a legitimate sensual massage practitioner (a lot of filtering was done!)

What I have learnt: sensual massage is given with a genuine sense of care, involving relaxation, pleasure and arousal of the body, giving both physical and emotional benefits, it focuses on giving you, the receiver, a full body therapeutic massage that combines traditional massage strokes with intentional arousing techniques. The massage is aimed at slowly relaxing and simultaneously arousing you. The massage usually does lead to orgasm but there is no pressure or expectation to do so. Obviously the massage is incredibly pleasurable but it can also help with sexual performance issues, intimacy fears, loss of libido and sexual frustration. I don’t view my massages as only pleasure, they are an important part of a healthy lifestyle for me now for my body and my mind. They give me the opportunity to be only the receiver and to experience different sensual dynamics, non-judgmental, no expectations and I find it has normalized sexual arousal as the beautiful and natural function it is! For me this has been life changing and only positives have come from it. 

My experience has been professional, caring and safe but also one that continues to be profoundly satisfying and fulfilling. 


And so I end my story to all of you with a gift, Hans, my practitioner, who I would like to recommend to anyone of you amazing women who feel ready to explore your sexuality, because I know the struggle in finding the right person and taking that first step. I do realize that this is not for everyone, I am sharing because I wish I had come across something similar 5 years ago and not waited so long to take charge of my sexual self.

Hans is a professional, he is to be trusted 100%, he is discreet and your comfort and well being are his top priority. His approach is always with a genuine sense of care and integrity.


My massage with Hans was utterly sublime! Professional, very well groomed and kind, Hans has the amazing ability of making you feel at ease immediately. The entire duration of my time spent with him I felt my comfort, my well-being and my healing were his only priorities. I floated away feeling the weight of the world had been lifted off my shoulders and almost two weeks later I am still feeling the revitalizing effects both physically and mentally. A better massage therapist you will not find! Thank you Hans, you have a very special gift!


Wow he's so experienced and let you feel relaxed from the first moment. Eye for detail and beautiful spacious massage room. The room is warm, comfortable and the use of warm massage oil is just the finishing touch. En-suite shower facilities and secure parking in upmarket area.


Hans, thank you for the awesome massage today.  Definitely the best I ever had!  This was the best birthday spoil I could have asked for.  I admire your true professionalism and you gentlemanly behavior.  Your hands are truly magical! 


Thank you Hans to make my wife's birthday surprise massage so special.  You assisted so well to organised a nice voucher for her.  She can't stop talking about it, and asked me when her next surprise massage will be lol


Hans thank you so much...I feel so much better after your treatment.  You first took care of my sore shoulders and neck, before starting with the sensual part of the massage.  It feels like I discovered myself as a woman again...your treatment helped me a lot to accomplish that!!


The massage with Hans was an unforgettable experience. He really has magic hands. I felt relaxed and comfortable from the beginning and he made sure I was comfortable. The different massage techniques were very professional and relaxing. I felt like I was in heaven. If you girls really want to treat yourselves, visit Hans for a magical sensual massage. You will return sooner than you think ;).


Thank you Hans for again a unforgettable and mind blowing experience!! You are so creative to bring every new massage treatment to a higher level.


Wow, what an amazing couple's experience with Hans and Belinda. They truly put you at ease and then deliver on an out of this world experience. I would definitely recommend this experience to all couples. Everything, from the music, the temperature in the room, their warm hands and amazing touch, all elements that made this a unique, romantic and definitely sensual experience. Thank you for sharing this with us, we will most certainly be back again soon.


Well groomed therapist in a neat, clean and private massage studio. The treatment was out of this world. Cloud 9!


For the most incredible sensual man massage. No male therapist has delivered the way Hans does. He is friendly and warm and very professional. Respect the boundaries and you will be in for an amazing treat. The happy ending is also so so incredible if you need it. Hans just knows how to read your body and delivers the results.


Hans you have an incredible way that you soothe my stress and help me forget my problems. You handle me so professionally but so personally at the same time. You never fail to make me extremely happy with such tension release. Thank you


I was back with "Magic" Hans, even within a months time of my previous treatment. It's the best ME time I could think of... Booked my May appointment in advance already...think I have a Hans addiction ;-) There must be worst addictions than this for sure. See you soon again, can't hardly wait you put your hands on me again!!


Hans is a true gentleman and professional, I would highly recommend his service to anyone seeking a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. The facilities are clean, secure and confidential.

Hans: +27 (0)83 469 7055

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