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Frequently Asked Questions

Breathtaking Tranquility & Sensuality


In order for you to prepare and make the most out of your exquisite experience have a look at some of my clients frequently asked questions.

WQ = FAQ more related to women

CQ =  FAQ more related to couples

MQ = FAQ more related to men

WQ1: Do you offer a meet and greet for first timers and which treatment do you recommend for first timers?

WA1: As part of your first booking, I offer you a FREE 10 minute meet and greet upfront to ensure your upmost comfort. If you do not feel comfortable on going ahead with the massage, then there is no obligation to do so.

For first timers I always recommend a "light" sensual massage.  You are more then welcome when you feel comfortable during the treatment, to ask me switch over to a "full" sensual massage.

WQ2: This is my first sensual massage, will my boundaries be respected?

WA2: Yes absolutely, I will discuss your boundaries with you when you make the booking, usually via WhatsApp.  There are a variety of different treatments on offer ranging from non-sensual, soft sensual to the "signature" sensual treatment, each has a different boundary level.

WQ3: Sensual massage is something I really want to experience, at least once!  However I still feel shy and slightly awkward about it.  What advice could be given to calm my nerves?

WA3: Being nervous for a first time sensual massage is very normal.  I have found that by offering my first time clients a "meet & greet" option directly before their massage appointment that any nerves are put to rest and further questions asked and answered if needed. What I usually recommend is that you book a foot soak, scrub and massage, this treatment is done before the full body massage and gives us the opportunity to get acquainted with one other.

WQ4: On arrival is there time to speak to my masseur a little about what to expect to "break the ice"?

WA4: Yes absolutely, should you not want to book the "meet & greet" option beforehand I am happy to take the time to explain the treatment in detail before we start and show you the massage room. Upon entering the massage room you will immediately notice the calming atmosphere, warm low light, relaxing music and en suite bathroom for your complete privacy. 

WQ5: Is my privacy and confidentiality assured of?

WA5: At all times your privacy and confidentiality are my top priorities and I am committed to that 100%.  Your trust, comfort and safety are of paramount importance. There is secured off-street parking available.

WQ6: May my husband / partner be in the treatment room while I am receiving my massage?

WA6: Yes, this option is available as an additional extra, the treatment room has a comfortable chair where husbands / partners can relax and observe your massage. However if you would like to have your partner there, not to observe, just to wait for you, he is more than welcome to wait in my sitting area while you have your treatment. Please be assured that no other clients will be entering or leaving the venue while you and your partner are there. Privacy guaranteed.

WQ7: Am I allowed to touch my therapist (mutual touching)?

WA7: In some ways it can enhance your experience to have a mutual touch connection with your therapist.  Gentle and respectful touching is allowed.  Feel free to ask for more information before the start of the treatment.

WQ8: Is my therapist dressed or naked during my treatment?

WA8: It's for me all about how you feel most comfortable during your treatment.  Basically I gave 3 options available.  Dressed in a short and T, only underwear or naked. Please let me know before the treatment start which option you prefer.

I start the treatment in a short and T, but can also gradually undress when requested.


CQ1: I want to book for a couples massage, will we be massaged in the same treatment room?

CA1: Yes, the treatment room is equipped with two high quality and comfortable massage beds.  The beds are placed next to each other, with some space in between to give the therapists room for movement.

CQ2: Who will massage my husband / partner and I?

CA2: I work alongside a female therapist who will massage your husband / partner (the male client).  I usually massage my female clients (due to popular demand!).  Unless otherwise requested. 

If you are booking a same sex couple massage then you may choose from whom you would prefer to receive the massage.

Hans: +27 (0)83 469 7055

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